Custom Built Gaming PC Repair and Maintenance

We help you with Performance Upgrades, Cleaning, Thermal Upgrades, Overclocking, Tune Up, Liquid Cooling, Fan Cleaning etc.

Small Fees Applies for Maintenance ($50)  We also build Custom Gaming Computer, we give you option to bring your own parts or we build with Umart Computer Parts, or We can use your old Computer Case, Power Supply etc parts, and build new pc with using existing parts.

Cost of Custom Built Gaming PC;  technical specifications to suit your needs depends on your budget. We help you with budget gaming pc or up to your budget for your needs.


We are more than happy to help with all component level computer repair, we fix your gaming motherboard, corrupt bios problem repair etc. No Display Error or Driver Errors. For more information and details, Feel Free to send email or call. or 0468 991 300 text or call